Summer '02

6/5/02 Decided to create this pseudo journal for my summer's fun. Still trying to get everything in order to go.
6/8/02 Von and Don came and visited for Von's birthday. We had a great dinner at Morton's Steackhouse, then went out to Pices, Remote Lounge and then Liquid Lounge.
6/14/02 Ok, one more day till I move out. Managed to get a migrane and lay in bed all day, uhaul is playing fast and loose with having my truck, joy. It rained all day, the perfect reflection of my mood. Still managed to get some packing done.
NOTE, everything after this is being done on 8/3 some of it from notes, the rest memory i wasn't very good at keeping up.
6/15/02 Took uhaul like 2 hours to get my truck, managed to drive it to the apt without any problems. Took another many hours to finish packing and loading the truck. Thanks to Liz, Brian and Seth who actually came and helped. On the ride back i went and took out some dump trucks mirror. Then i got lost in harlem. then i made it home without any other problems. went out with Von and Jason, always a good time
6/16/02 good time hanging out with family and cookin on the grill, finally left and drove back to NY got in around 12. Of course there was only one couch to crash on at the apt, and Sven and Sara were watching TV. To make it better they wanted to watch the US, Mexico game on at like 4am. At least the US won.
6/17/02 Went to Unemployement Orientation in Brooklyn, loads of fun. Finally left NY around 4 today. Midtown was a mess but the west side highway wasn't too bad, it was a breeze once i got uptown. Was on the palisades parkway in no time.

The drive up to saracuse was nice, made good time, too good at one point; Got ticketed going 80 in a 65. never fun, could have been worse, (i dunno say 100 in a 55)

Saw some rain on and off, nothing more than sprinkles (also the last rain i saw till Denver I believe), beautiful clouds and sunset though. Storms all around in the distance. Saw a deer watching traffic on the side of the road.

Crashed early in the "University Hotel" in Syracuse. My old AAA guide book said it was a Best Western. Was under a bit of renevations. Had lots of neat features that will all be ready when they are done; "come back in september" was the hosteses advice. Nice rooms though, the place is a big circle so all the rooms are on the outside and shaped odd, good view, will get some pictures out the windows in the morning

6/18/02 Got up in the morning and drove to Canada. Took my dad's suggestion to go up to the falls on the Canada. Arived in CA around 12:30 went through customs pretty quick, drove up Niagra Parkway which was a beautiful ride.

Niagra falls was fun, took lots of pictures, got really wet I parked near the Table Top Rock. Walked down to downtown area Only "event" I did was to go down behind the falls, got lunch there

Intresting Notes: they control the flow of the falls; it actually flows more during the tourist season. The falls used to erode 4.5 feet a year, now it is 1/10 a year

Left and drove up to Toronto, some traffic getting into town. Drove around random places found the Best Western got a room, they had no room in the parking garage so i parked in a lot off the street.

Walked around town went to dinner on John St south of Queen St at "Al Firsco", crashed back at the hotel.

Ben called, got to talk to him for a bit, but then my phone died and i didn't have `the charger

6/19/02 Got up late, left the apt by 10:30. Walked around a lot, went by the city hall building, waterfront, CN tower. I later went up the CN Tower, took more pictures, it was a beautiful day again.

Came back and crashed for a while, too much walking. Watched bird callers on Letterman, I am disturbed. I left the camera charger in the car last night, so unfortunetly i didn't have it today

Interesting Note: CN towers are really tall. I was rigt by the glass elevator door went up like 115 stories (15mph for 1 minute) it went up even higher. It was built to withstand 8.5 earthquake, 280mph winds

6/20/02 Got a late start, ate pancakes at the hotel, then left by 10. My car was still alive. Took Younge St up to 401, which I took all the way to Detroit. Nice ride, not very exciting, people drove like 140kmh despite the posted 100kmh, I was forced to follow.

Stoped for lunch (Subway) and gas just outside Detroit, then drove to Chicago. Made it to with 15 miles in 3 hours, took another 3 to get to a hotel. Traffic was bad coming into the city. Got off the freeway around the Lincoln park area. This is where Mitu used to live. It is also a big maze if you have never been there and don't have a map.

Finally found a room at the Comfort in, and got the last parking spot in the lot right outside. Went to dinner at a bad pizza place, then went and sat at screenz, this really cool internet cafe. Got some good ideas for things to do tomorrow from Mitu Went and sat for a pint or two at the duke of purth, which is (i think) a place mitu suggested good cider, good music, nice looking waitstaff, not a bad place.

6/21/02 Took the brown line into the loop. got off at wells/washington. Explored downtown, went by the merch, saw some drive up pizza stand, went by the sears tower, cbot, fed, etc.

Went to the lake and to the CIA, saw some neat stuff. I had lunch at giordano's, good stuffed pizza walked by buckingham fountain which was really cool. Went to the south side of the waterfront and took the 30 minute boat ride. Lots of boats in the water, great day.

So it turns out that Chicago was named after a smelly onion.

After that walked up to the north pier. Went to the end of the pier, listned to some band, had a frozen margarita. Walked back to the brown line (market stop) helped some kid who just moved figure out how to use the trains. got food and drink at mickey's on broadway.

6/22/02 Overheard people planning to go to the cubs/cardinal's game which was cancalled. Wandered around the lincoln park, pond, waterfrond area. Saw some wildlife: baby ducks, turtle, fish in the pond. It was a really nice area, went by the beach and stuff.

Drove down to the John Hancock building. It is pretty cool, parked on the 10th floor of it. Ate lunch at the signature room on the 95th floor, decent food, good desert. Went to the observatory on the 94th floor, great view. There was a spider outside at the top, which was pretty funny. Saw a lot of rooftop pools from there.

Left there, was running out of gas circled the downtown numerous times before i figured out how to get onto the Lakeview Pkwy. Sat in lots of traffic, finally got out of that and took 57 to 70 down to just outside st louis. Stoped at hotel for the evening.

6/23/02 Got up at 8, ate a waffle, drove into St Louis. Went up in the arch. It was a tiny little 5 person pod, very hot with no AC. The top was a nice view though the windows were tiny. At least it had AC.

Went on boat ride (1hr) up the Mississippi river. Heard some interesting history, it was incredibly hot. Walked into town, there was a pink fountain and neat stone waterfall with people getting married.

Drove halfway through Kansas.

6/24/02 Drove a lot today. My arm's rash or whatever is driving me mad, as are my hands. Drove from Salina, Kansas to Denver.

On news radio they read off the prices of futures for grain, corn, cows, etc.

Drove through downtown denver, got lost and found. Finally went to a courtyard marriott cause i was tired of trying to decide where to go it is just west of denver on route 6. Crashed at the hotel, finally got ahold of cary and kyle.

6/25/02 Spent the day in Denver. Ate breakfast at the hotel, mmm buffet. Went to the zoo, saw lots of birds, cats, lizards, etc. They had penguines! and mongoose and stuff, big lizards too.

Went up to Lookout Mountain. The view wasn't that great cause of the weather (it was overcast probably because of the fires) but I learned a lot about "Buffalo Bill" Cody and saw his grave.

Drove down to Monitou Springs. It rained on the way out of Denver, there were still "fire warning" signs flashing which was pretty funny. I found a hotel (lodge) to crash at in Monitou Springs.

Decided to go up to the went up to the Caves of the Wind. I took the the 45 minute guided tour since that was all that was available. It was pretty cool, but the lantern one probably would have been better. The mexican place i wanted to go to dinner at closed at 9, so i ordered in pizza

6/26/02 More pictures. Had really good, big blue berry pancakes. I took the cog railway up to the top of the Pikes Peak. The trip was neat, 25% grade at times. The view was amazing on the trip and at the top, though they didn't give us long enough up top i thought. The ride back down was the same, i was pretty tired at that point. 14k feet is high.

Srove down to the Garden of the Gods, a state park with interesting rock formations. Wandered around, took pictures, eventually got tired and left. Saw people climing rocks there.

Got some food and then headed south for New Mexico. On the way saw a huge rainstorm off to the side which was amazing, also drove through mini sandstorm which was odd. There were huge gusts of window which blew the car around, saw another car from ct on the way. New Mexico was desolete, stoped in Santa Fe cause i started to worry about breaking down in the middle of no where in the dark

6/27/02 Got up and out around 9, drove through New Mexico, into Arizona. The drive down from Glagstaff was neet, through the forests and mountains.

Made it to Pheonix, met Cary at a McyD's drove back to his and Christina's place. Kyle came over later, we hung out for a while then went to Minority Report (which was pretty good)

It is hot in AZ. It was like over 100 the whole time i was there.

6/28/02 Hung out with Cary for a while, drove down to Kyle's. Hung out there, played some GTA, had pizza for dinner. Met with Cary and went and played pool, then went to a cool outdoor bar with mist.
6/29/02 Slept in for the first time in weeks at Kyle's. Hung out at the pool for a while, had a great time got sunburned. Went out to dinner, went and saw Mr. Deeds, tried to meet up with some people at a club but failed.
6/30/02 Hung out played more GTA3. Went to Kyle's friend's Margret and Zach, grilled and swam in the pool. Went to Cary's for my last night there, played some metal of honor.
7/1/02 Got up early and drove to LA. Pretty easy trip, saw giant fields of propellors for generating power. Finally at my destination! Met Mitu at his office, drove back to the apt. Went to dinner at the pier.
7/4/02 Went down to Huntington Beach, hung out on the beach all day! We had fun, grilled, had a big bonfire, managed to sunburn my legs. Slept at Tim's.
7/5/02 Picked Brian up from the airport, he hung out with us for the weekend. Went out to a club one night, along with the beach, etc.
7/21/02 I finally found a place to live. The current occupent is going to his parents in PA for 2 months, so i get to live there. It is right by the beach, pretty nice setup.
7/25/02 Tom, Kris, and Mike are out for the weekend. I went down to meet them in Huntington Beach (they were with another friend from the area who lives down that way), which became, Laguna Beach, which became Dana Point. We watched the sun set from the beach, then went to a great Hibatchi place, the chief was quite animated, the onion volcano was great. After that we went to the cliff where we could see the harbor and take some pictures. Then we went and saw the mutant cat.
7/26/02 I was awoken by my roomate telling me the police were at the door at abour 2:30 am. The officer said someone had hit a car, wanted to confirm it was mine. I went out and sure enough some drunk 19 year old girl he driven into the back of my poor car. I left it in the spot, called my insurance company and went back to bed.

The guys came and met me at the apt, we left to go to Universal Studios. The traffic was bad, took us forever, but we had a good time. Went on the stuido tour as well as a number of the rides, then saw the Waterworld show.

7/27/02 Kris went into the city to shop for some records, Mike, Tom and I decided to see how burnt we could get at the beach. We layed out on the beach for a while, went in the water, walked down to Manhattan Pier, the usual fun. I burnt my back and stomach, it hurts for a week.
8/2/02 Finally got my car towed to a garage to be fixed. They got me a rental car, a Nissan Maxima, though i am still trying to work out the details.
8/4/02 Got this stuff up on the web. Some randome pictures of Hermosa Beach.
8/9/02 Von comes to visit. She arived in the afternoon, we hung out in Hermosa, went to Henessey's, had some drinks in town.
8/10/02/ Von and I headed into Hollywood, walk around see the sights. We went to the Wax museum, it is odd. We then drove back down to Venice Beach to meet with Seth and Mel who flew out that morning. 405 is insanely busy. It is cloudy on the coast. We walk around the beach, tons of people. Outdoor gym, basketball courts, etc. We all meet with Mitu and Sanita at a place called Beaches in Manhattan Beach for dinner. It is really good, Mitu, Sanita, Von and I got to 405 in Hermosa Beach.
8/11/02 Breakfast with everyone at Martha's. Seth and Mel head down to Orange County where she has some family. The rest of us head to the Hermosa Beach peir to watch the surfing. It is ok but not a ton going on, we find a group showing off Hawaiian dance and watch that for a while. We then change into suits and go lay out on the beach and go in the water a bit. We drove out to see her Aunt and Uncle out by Onterio. She catches up with them, we go to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We then went to see XXX at a local theater. I thought it was pretty good, basically a bond flick with an updated "cool hero".
8/12/02 We get up and go to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor (the waterpark). We spent a while at the waterpark first going on some rides and waiting for Seth and Mel to meet us. They brought some great pie (don't ask). We leave them in the waterparl and go to the amusement park. Von of course loves all the craziest rides, unlike my cowerdly butt. I went on everything she wanted (I skipped one of the waterslides though) We rode about 6 roller coasters and such, including the Superman Ride. The Viper had problems when we were on it (we did the run safely, but couldn't get out afterwards) and got a "get out of line free" pick for one coaster. Luckily for me, the truely insane "X" wasn't open that day.
8/13/02 I had to go in early to do some testing, came back and met Von. She did some shopping, and then since we hadn't made it before, we went to ColdStone for some icecream for breakfast. I drove her to the airport.
8/14/02 I still don't have my car, though they have hinted that it will be totaled.
8/15/02 I get Liz at Long Beach airport. She flew Jet BLue.
8/16/02 Got up in the morning and after breafast we headed out. Stopped by Jim and Jack's and got the rest of my crap out of the car. That may be the last time I see it :( We do the Hollywood thing, it is cloudy but we see a little more sun out that way. We drive down Sunset Blvd to the water. We then head over to The Getty. It is this really cool art museum up on the hils ourside LA. It is free ($5 parking) with a neat tram ride up to the top. The architecture and gardening around it is amazing, we spent more time on that then the actual art. We went out to dinner at Cafe Pierre in Manhattan Beach, it was really good.
8/17/02 After breakfast at Uncle Tim's Pancake House we headed out to Santa Monica. Walked around the mall, the 3rd Street Promenade, the pier and the beach. It is nice, though still cloudy. There was an organic farmers market, I bought some awesome Jalapeno Gaude. We drove up to Venice Beach after that. I bought this great poster which spelt out "Democracy" with all the letters taken from corparate logos. We got dinner at an Italian place in town's who's name is escaping me.
8/18/02 Head breakfast at Martha's, mmm, stuffed french toast. We spent most of the rest of the day driving around Orange County: Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, etc. Finally went and got In-N-Out burgers. They were good, but not amazing. Drove Liz back to the airport.
8/19-23/02 I still don't have an answer on my car, though it definetly going to be totalled. Trying to get the title from the bank now. Went to the optomotrist the other day, went this week finally to get some perscription shades. Had my camera cleaned. They repair guy was amazed at the dirt. Looks much better, though not perfect. Had a migrane on thursday, took me out most of thursday and friday. Sux.
8/28/02 Left for Texas in the morning. Unevntfull flights, made it into San Antonio around 2. Took a shuttle to the hotel (The Raddison downtown, a short ways from the riverwalk), Von and Kelly where already in the pool, Don was in the room sleeping. We all hung out at the pool for a while, then eventually went downtown (free hotel shuttle!). We stopped at Fat Tuesday's and the fun began. Von and Kelly dragged us around looking at stuff to buy (why did we follow them Don? ;) ). Got some food and stuff. Went to Swig, a cool jazz/martini bar, and then to Landings, another cool Jazz place. Some well known jazz guy (who I of course had never heard of) owned it and Don knew the guy's son. His brother hooked us up at the bar, and we chilled for a bit. Eventually Mike and Jill showed up. We got some food at the HardRock, then headed back to the hotel.
8/29/02 Breakfast at Denny's, checked out tha Alamo, it poured rain for a bit. We went and saw some 3D haunted house show at the IMax theater while it rained. After that we split up and Von, Don, and I went to get Kyle. He was of course upset that we were like 2minutes late. We all went back to the hotel and hung out there for a while, went in the pool, etc. We then headed back to the riverwalk for drinks again. The riverwalk was pretty cool, btw, lots of resteratuns and stuff on this winding little "river" with wide sidewalks on either side and lots of lights. Don, Kyle, Von and I all went to the Expo/Polyesters to dance, the rest hung out at Fat Tuesday's and eventually were joined by Deb, Jerry, and Brian. We all hung out back at the hotel in their room for a bit, then crashed.
8/30/02 Got up and had lunch by the RiverWalk, then went and drove down to corpus christi. Learned the important lesson "Never Follow Deb + Jerry" The got lost everywhere we went. We hung out at the Best Western where we were staying. About half of us went to the rehersal dinner, the rest of us went to dinner together. We then met everyone else at Sharky's where we par-tayed. The girls made us leave with Tim before midnight, but after a little while at 21 Spirits, he went to bed and we all went back to Sharky's. Memory gets a little foggy here.
8/31/02 Wedding day. A few of us got up before 10 to get the free breakfast. I spent most of the rest of the day by the pool. Eventually we went to get stuff for the wedding, then got ready and actually went to it. The wedding was nice, cool (short) ceremony, Tim was all cool in his navy gear. Had the whole raised swords on the procession out (they made them kiss to get by). Cut the cake with a sword. Had a bit of an issue with the beer and stuff, but it got sorted. Food was a buffet with rice/beans/meat. We had a good time, danced, etc. Lots of spanish music. Lots of video taping. Twins, mmmmm. Went to sharky's again after the reception ended. Lori (the bride) was on the stage with her wedding dress. Another late night.
9/1/02 We all got up, got some food, drove back to San Antonio. Brian, Deb, Jerry all flew out that day. We did the pool again. Had dinner at the hotel, then went to see SpiderMan on IMAX (which was ok, great movie, IMAX's big theater didn't add as much as I hoped. We went to Swigs again for a while, my head hurt a ton, so I was happy to leave early (which is what everyone else wanted to do) Don stayed out by himself.
9/2/02 Breakfast and Dennt's again. Mike and Jill left. Von, Kelly, Kyle and I went to a waterpark. I manged to cut my arm on the first ride (put my hand out to slow myself down. I had a good time though, and went on all the ride's that Kelly and Kyle went on, after much nagging. The only ones we skipped where the evil wedgie one's, which Von did cause she is crazy. We headed back and Don met us at the local comedy club. We saw a decent improv group (the crowd was weak, but they did what they could.) We then went out dancing again, had a good time. We got back and stayed up talking in the room to the wee hours.
9/3/02 We got up and left. Mitu met me at airport and drove me back home. Oh yeah, I took some pictures.
9/5/02 Rather than back for tomorrow, when to some place in Marina Del Rey to watch the first NFL game with some guys. Giants lost, but we had a good time.
9/6/02 Got up at like 4:30 to pack for my trip to Atlanta. Mitu picked me up and brought me to the airport, with a quick stop at work to print some stuff. Lost 3 hours, so most of my day was spent travelling. Got in around 4, made my way to the hotel. The Georgian Terrace hotel was amazing. Our room was a 1700sq foot 3 bedroom suite, with a full kitchen and everything. We had the "rehersal" dinner at a place on one of Atlanta's park's, this was a good time. A couple of us went out for an hour or a so afterwards, I got to hang out with my cousin's atlanta gang.
9/7/02 There was a breakfast early in the morning, then we hung out at the hotel. Got some burgers at the Varsity, my dead really likes the place for some reason. Spent some time at the rooftop pool, which was nice. The wedding and reception were at the Fox Theater. It was all of course, very nice and a lot of fun.
9/8/02 Got some early breakfast again, spent some time by the pool. My parents and I went to the World of Coke (which was actually kinda interesting) and then to the Atlanta Britanical Garden (which was kinda dissapointing.) Flew home, mitu got me again. Talked to Von for a while cause she was driving home real late.
9/13/02 Friday the 13th, had to make an update for that. Nothing much happened today, Sanita is down for the weekend, Mitu finished moving into his new place, it looks good. Added some new pics from Manhattan Beach where Mitu (and soon I) will be living. Got some dinner at the MB Henneseys, hung out a bit.
9/18/02 So I am sitting around alone in the apt (cause my roomate just went to SF) watching some TV, and the whole house kinda shakes for a second. Not like serious shaking, but more than say, a truck driving by. Went outside, but other than a few other people sticking their heads out the window, nothing seemed to be going on. So on a hunch I checked the web, and sure enough, a very minor earthquake. The site confirmed it was felt (albiet weak) in Hermosa Beach. Of course after last year's experience, i am still a little touchy about shaking buildings, but it was kinda neat.
9/20/02 Drove Mitu to the airport yet again, he is off to Chicago. After work I packed up all my crap and moved to Mitu's new place in Manhattan Beach. I'll have to post some pics up eventually.
9/22/02 So I happened to do a traceroute to my box, since it wasn't reachable for a sec. I was suprised at how many hops it took just to get out of adelphia.
10/1/02 Can't believe it is October already!
10/2/02 Jerry is out in LA for a week. He work's for Cakewalk and they have a boot at the AES. He drove down this evening and we grabbed some dinner in Manhattan Beach.
10/5/02 Thought about checking out the AES, decided to go for a walk first. Ran into some guys from MBTrading (Brian and Mark) went and met with them over the the Manhattan Fair and Beer Garden. Hung out with them and someone else from MBTrading (Debbie). Went over Mark's place afterwards, chilled. Mark lives a little up off the strand on 6th st. Jerry called around 9, headed up with Mitu and met them and the Rainbow bar and grill. Hung out there for a while, I was pretty tired so we left around midnight.
10/6/02 Decided that I would actually make it to the AES today. Drove up and found the convention center without to much trouble. Parked nearby, went in and found cakewalk. The show was interesting, most of it was audio electronics over my head. Slash was there with Gibson guitar, since Cakewalk had Ray Charles producer giving a talk, and the guy was friends with Slash, they got him to come over and talk to the Cakewalk people, which was pretty cool. I hate the whole, pose with a celebrity thing, but Jerry made me at least stand close so he could take a picture. I got one with him posing too. Went to dinner later with Mitu at Fonzi, sorta as my B-Day dinner, was nice. For some reason couldn't fall asleep, was up till at least 3am, alarm went off the next morning at 5:45. Ouch.
10/7/02 Happy Birthday to me. We went and watched the game at Patrick Malloy's in Hermosa. Nothing too exciting.
10/8/02 Went up and met Jerry at the LA convention center. We hung out there for a while till the teamsters brought out the boxes, then they packed everything away. We went back to his hotel (Wilshire Grand) where we got dinner at the Korean resteraunt. The guys had hung out at this hotel bar that was crazy wild the last two nights so they wanted to go back there. We did, but that day it had been written up in the USA Today, so it there was security everywhere and it was pretty lame. The place itself, "The Standard", was cool though, a bar up on the roof of the hotel, with waterbeds and a swiming pool, couches and a fireplace. Then we went to a venue in HollyWood "King King", small crowd, but a good cuban ban playing.
10/11/02 Hung out in Marina Del Ray with Jess, went to a few places at the end of Washington St, was fun, nothing real exciting.
10/12/02 Watched baseball all day, went to see "Knockaround Guys" with Jess in the evening. It was decent, not as exciting as i hoped, but fun enough.
10/17/02 Some randomness, Jess's friend Ryan was at the nightclub when this happened. Scary world.
10/18/02 Got called at 10pm when i was about ready to go to bed, went out with Jess and Ryan and some other people in Santa Monica, pretty good time. They are all crazy. I proved I was an idiot yet again.
10/22/02 One word Cary, "Tacos."
10/24/02 Watched the Giants get their blowout 13-4. Been working a lot, watching games
10/25/02 So I headed up to San Francisco. I left around 1, went up route 1. There was a bit of traffic as I left, it also rained a bit. Stopped a bunch of times as I journed up to take pictures. There were numerous small beaches and towns, saw a lot of people surfing. Some incredible houses in the hills and by the water. Made a short detour down a sideroad. Stayed along the coast until the Ventura area. Drove through some virtual ghost towns (Pop. 92, Elv. 150) and farms. Drove up into some mountains too, took the 101 to Santa Barba. I took the 1 up from there. Got some dinner at San Luis Obispo, nice little town. Saw a big "Welcome to Shell Beach" sign, they had some good looking places to stay at, but i wanted to reach Morro Bay, I did, and crashed there for the night at a small Days Inn.
10/26/02 Was beautiful in the morning, drove up the road to a small town (Cambria maybe?) Took some picture from the beach, got breakfast at a little italian place that served mexican. Continued to drive up the 1, some of the most beautiful scenery as I drove around the mountains on the coast, from the beaches to the cliffs, occasionally into the woods. I stopped all over the place to take pictures. Managed to get a slight headache, pulled over and rested in the car for a bit. Big Sure was a couple places in the mountains as far as I could tell. Stopped at Montery for lunch (London Bridge Pub), spent some time driving around the town, it was nice. Felt almost like New England in the fall, was kinda suprised at that. Continued up the coast, saw some windsurfers, the lighthouse on pigeon point. Stopped at Pacifica to watch the game at a resteraunt bar called Nicks and crash for the night. The Giants lost, everyone was upset. Including my stomach, no more garlic bread and coke for dinner. Ended up at another Days Inn (though it had a different name, I forget what)
10/27/02 Had breakfast at Nicks (no stomach problems this time) took some pictures at the water and headed into the city. Drove up the west side on the 1, got off right after the Golden Gate park. Drove randomly until I happen to hit China Beach, got some great views of the Bridge from there. Went around in the hills by the bridge, wanted to walk across it, but the police had something going on (some guy was in cuffs, tons of cars) so I decided to leave that for next time. Drove down into the city, found a place to park and walked down to Pier 39 and fisherman's warf. Saw the sea lions of course, and had some clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Wanted to stay longer but had to head home. I took the 580 out to the 5, and that back to LA. Boring drive, brown hills and farms. Took some pictures of the sunset over the mountains. Finally made it home.
10/28/02 Back to the grind. Discovered I didn't get the bluefin project, bummer.
11/01/02 Sunita arived tonight, the three of us went out to dinner to PF Changs and then to see The Transporter. The movie was a bit over the top, though i did derive a little amusement from it.
11/02/02 Got up around 7:30 to drive down to San Diego. Stoped in Oceanside for some gas and food. Turns out Del Taco has breakfast, it was actually not too bad. Drove down to Loma Point and the Cabrillo National Monument. It is basically a small park at the end of the peninsula. Good view of the city from there, though it was a bit cloudy. The fleet was going out, though I only made it there for the last ship to leave. Lots of planes taking off too. Went down from there to the tidepools, which was very cool. Then I drove up harbor dr to the bridge, and over to Coronado. Stopped at the shore on the bayside, got some lunch at the Bay Beach Cafe. After spending some more time there, I drove up to the Zoo. I was at the zoo for only two hours unfortunetly, but had a good time. Didn't see any penguines though. After that I drove back downtown and found the hotel. I chcked in and relaxes to wait for mitu. He forgot the tickets in LA,made it almost all the way here before he relized that. We eventually met up and went out for dinner. Walked down to 5th and Broadway, the Glasslamp district. Had a good meal at Ole Madrid, then got some drinks with Steve friends of his at Chive.
11/03/02 Went and got breakfast at a place off Qualcomm way (Ruby's Diner). Headed over to the stadium. Sat in some seats that were nice and close, but turned out they weren't ours. Had a good time at the game even though it was a total blowout (the Jets won). We made our own entertainment with the drunk woman in front of us. I managed to sit next to everyone for most of it, got kicked out of my seat about halfway through the second quarter (my real seat was two rows back, no biggie), came back at halftime and stayed there till we left. The drive back was horrible slowdowns everywhere, dark and windy.
11/04/02 Mitu's birdthday! He went to dinner with sanita, met up with them for drinks afterward at this great place called towne, just opened up around the corner from us. Got a postcard from Liz, miss nyc a lot. Making plans to go back though.
11/07/02 Bought GTA Vice City today, it is all over. Hung out with Steven and Ross and some friends of theirs. Went to Erckles, Boogaloo, Einstien, and LightHouse. A lot of fun all around.
11/08/02 Slow day at work, though we have two test symbols cut over.
11/09/02 Went to breakfast with some friends of Mitu's, hung out in the west Hollywood area, had a good time.
11/23/02 Ok, a lot went on in the last two weeks, but i never wrote any of it down. There was a great warm streak, was in shorts all the time. Managed to finish up stuff, it went into production for all routed listed orders on thursday. Today I am packing and generally feeling sad about leaving. Saw Harry Potter 2 the other night at The Bridge with mitu, jess, ann-marie. Hung out in MB a bit with Jess and AnnMarie, ate some appatires at a bar and then went to see Die Another Day. Got back and finished packing, stayed up pretty late, the day sorta merges with tomorrow now.
11/24/02 Got about 2 hours of sleep before the shuttle came and got me at 3:15. Was flying out of Long Beach on Jet Blue. Took just 45 mins so I got to the airport at 4. Didn't see any ticket people until around 5. At 5:30 the bag checkers finally got there, had to have all 3 of my big suitcases searched. Went upstairs and got some food at which point the power went out. It stayed out for a while, we didn't get to board the plane until like 8. Then after we taxied out we had to taxi back in, thought there might be luggage but not an owner on board. Finally got off the ground around 9am. Of course it only starts there. The flight itself was nice, we made good time, got on the ground in jfk around 5:15. Of course I didn't manage to get onto a CT limo bus until 6:45ish. At 9pm I was finally in new haven. Some idiot decided to drive the wrong way on 91, killed himself and two unfortunete woman. This delayed my parents and hour, so I didn't get picked up till like 10am. Finally made it home a little before 11. What a day.
So my summer trip is more or less officially over. I'll probably keep a journal like this for other things too though, if I can remember to.