Winter '02

So my winter starts Nov 25th, since that was my first day back east. It wasn't winter before that cause i was in LA and it was 80 degrees out. Any good NewEnglander will tell you that that isn't winter :-D.

11/25/02 I spent the day buming around, very wierd to be back. Went out with Don, Von, and Mike that evening at Damons. Hung out at Hale's for a while after that, almost like old times.

11/26/02 Another slow day, avoiding looking for a job, watched the market for a bit. Got some dinner with Von down at Elias, hoped to see Kelly there but she never showed.
11/27/02 Woke up to like 6 inches of snow on the ground. Insane to think i was in shorts a week ago. It looked good though, and got my first winter pictures.
11/28/02 Got up early and drove to my grandparents place for thanksgiving. Had a nice meal there, spent a while hanging out by the fire, made people look at all my pictures.
11/29/02 Today I started the day in Northfield and ended it in Chicago. Drove down from my grandparents to New Haven with my brothers. Took the train from there down to NYC. Met bri at Island, hung out there for a while. We grabed a ride with his sister to the airport, and flew to midway on ATA. In Chicago we decided to rent a car, and made our way up to the hotel. We were "upgraded" to a suite with a king bed so we had to get a cot (which brian graciously decided to sleep on).
11/30/02 Wedding was amazing talk about that here.
12/01/02 Spent the day in Chicago, talk about that here.
12/25/02 After spending the month buming around the city, hoboken, and cheshire, Spent Christmas at home, it was nice.
12/28/02 Went to Miami with Von and Jason. Stayed through New Years, had a great time. Maybe some more descriptions will appear later, but here are the pics.